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Welcome to HARMONY MUSIC STUDIOS -- Ottawa

We are the answer to your musical question: the bridge between local performance venues and the international music market. What does it take to get noticed in the music business? You can do it from Ottawa... Just because everybody says that you need to go to Montreal or Toronto doesn't mean a thing. Sure, there might be bigger names and larger companies in bigger cities but that also means that there'll be way more competition (more struggling artists trying to break into the biz and get some established entity to wager on their success.) Why hasn't it happened in Ottawa? Why not? Nobody thinks hard about the diverse, talented musicians and performers in our Nation's capital. Sure... we know that they have groups who come here to perform but most prominent bands won't stay here. There's more to this city than meets the eye and HARMONY MUSIC STUDIOS is on a mission to let the world know how amazing Ottawa sounds!!


Are you a recording studio virgin?

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There’s something about that first time you step into a recording studio… When you actually put on a pair of headphones and you can hear yourself breathing. It’s like the whole world lies between your ears and everything the music makes you feel and do and be is captured in a ‘BYTE.’

That ‘BYTE’ is bigger than anyone may have told you it would be… It represents everything that you bring into the recording booth with you that day; your breakfast, the pair of underwear you picked out, the food you ate for supper last night… Ah yes… But it goes back even further than that.

When did you first hear music? What was the song? How did it make you feel?

This is the MAGIC of MUSIC: the SORCERY of SOUND.

Like a warm cup of cocoa or your favorite pair of jeans : music brings comfort. . . It’s a warm bouquet of vibrations and those ‘good good good vibrations’ take you right to where you want to be.

I’ll never forget the first time that I heard Pink Floyd… . I was like: ” Is this pop?… Nawh… Is this rock?” — Yeah, well sort of.

Progressive rock is something that wields far greater impact than most people realize. From a very early age, our ears have been trained by a whole tapestry of loosely constructed music; redundant and nondescript. They’ve promoted our ever–growing propensity to listen to the radio as you would when you’re sitting in a doctors’ office or standing in elevator… It is like you’re only half listening; half concerned with everything else you should be doing right about now and you wish you were somewhere else– but at least the music is making you feel a bit better by distracting you from the obvious monotony of the situation.

Welcome to the art of LISTENING.

A sea of sound that peaks and crests without depending on what everybody else thinks we should be listening to: that’s where it’s at. Reminiscent of the first time you ever listened to a piece if music… Without any agenda or preformed ideas or templates for comparison… Like taking a bath in sound and rhythm in search of meaning.

This is real music… and freedom… and emotion… and life!

Like the tambour of a once drunk heart, beating the dreams of yesterday to smithereens.

Let the music move you– Let it be and feel and flow into tomorrow.

Progress with redefining who and what you are. about every second of every day until forever. We live in, on, and with music. Let it flow freely in that universal space we’ve almost forgotten.

The first is the worst. . the best is the rest.


And all without a sound…

‘Treasures’ from our past

Bruno-Treasure      Look familiar?  BRUNO MARS has just come out with a hip nod to the master of groovy 80s pop– Mikey?  Wait a minute, I thought we were all hell bent on coming up with stuff that screams of the new millennia.  Without a doubt, Mr. Mars is paying homage to an era that seems all but lost in the modern pop consciousness.  It takes guts to bring something so powerful and authentic to the forefront of pop-culture.  With no qualms about using recognizable Jackson-isms, Bruno does it in his own way.  His style is sold and distinctive enough to allow listeners room to compare his performance with Michael Jackson but   he doesn’t step on anyone’s toes.  The disco (1970s) feel has been augmented by a seamless audio aesthetic; leaving no gaps or room for a listener to compare Bruno Mars’ style with anybody else.

We get copycat artists all the time, take the example of Robin Thicke.  His hit, ‘Blurred Lines’, used a bunch of Marvin Gay to create his groovy sound.  When asked, Robin claimed it was all his original work.  There have been many other examples of performers using bits and pieces from those who have passed before them.  The age of originality is still with us… we just need to stay original in the way that we use what we know about without pretense.

Heart (Beat)


Inspired by each fleeting drumbeat… I close my eyes is another world begins. Full soft but hard: the images arrive. What can this mean? The heralds of plentiful human mutterings fill the empty spaces between fragments of music. The body moves… Carefree… Lapping up the rhythms and swaying to the melody. What is this thing called harmony? Is it a place? Or feeling? Or maybe a mood?  Each note brings with it so much more than just a tone. There is a mood at the moment of recognition within each shift. Mood comes from some other place; beyond the present moment where we feel it. Memory touches recognition giving way to response.Bright colors flash across the mural stretched between two ears. Within thatplayground, left unkempt, our child delights in spaces seldom seen.

My crazy creative musical experience and response can be found on the Internet radio link that follows… Note: the original radio station link I listened to has been deleted so I found a substitute that’s comparable. http://p.freestreams.com/?pid=270&t=1375570597162