Dream… Believe… Achieve

Heart (Beat)


Inspired by each fleeting drumbeat… I close my eyes is another world begins. Full soft but hard: the images arrive. What can this mean? The heralds of plentiful human mutterings fill the empty spaces between fragments of music. The body moves… Carefree… Lapping up the rhythms and swaying to the melody. What is this thing called harmony? Is it a place? Or feeling? Or maybe a mood?  Each note brings with it so much more than just a tone. There is a mood at the moment of recognition within each shift. Mood comes from some other place; beyond the present moment where we feel it. Memory touches recognition giving way to response.Bright colors flash across the mural stretched between two ears. Within thatplayground, left unkempt, our child delights in spaces seldom seen.

My crazy creative musical experience and response can be found on the Internet radio link that follows… Note: the original radio station link I listened to has been deleted so I found a substitute that’s comparable. http://p.freestreams.com/?pid=270&t=1375570597162

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