Dream… Believe… Achieve

‘Treasures’ from our past

Bruno-Treasure      Look familiar?  BRUNO MARS has just come out with a hip nod to the master of groovy 80s pop– Mikey?  Wait a minute, I thought we were all hell bent on coming up with stuff that screams of the new millennia.  Without a doubt, Mr. Mars is paying homage to an era that seems all but lost in the modern pop consciousness.  It takes guts to bring something so powerful and authentic to the forefront of pop-culture.  With no qualms about using recognizable Jackson-isms, Bruno does it in his own way.  His style is sold and distinctive enough to allow listeners room to compare his performance with Michael Jackson but   he doesn’t step on anyone’s toes.  The disco (1970s) feel has been augmented by a seamless audio aesthetic; leaving no gaps or room for a listener to compare Bruno Mars’ style with anybody else.

We get copycat artists all the time, take the example of Robin Thicke.  His hit, ‘Blurred Lines’, used a bunch of Marvin Gay to create his groovy sound.  When asked, Robin claimed it was all his original work.  There have been many other examples of performers using bits and pieces from those who have passed before them.  The age of originality is still with us… we just need to stay original in the way that we use what we know about without pretense.

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